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    Discos Macarras

    Hola a [email protected], podeis elegir 3 CDs del siguiente listado x 20€.
    -Aclaro que es todo material nuevo a estrenar-

    Pedirlo directamente a [email protected] o por privado.

    AATHMA – The Call of Shivá
    AATHMA – Decline… Towers of Silence
    ABYSMAL DARKENING – No Light Behind
    ALTAR OF SIN – The damned dogs from hell
    ANTAGONIZED – Intense Perversion
    APOKEFALE – Revelation
    APOSTATE – Trapped in a Sleep
    ARVAKH – Art 1 : La Haine par Dessus Tout
    ASTROBAHN – Ausencias EP
    ATIS – Kollanaj
    AUTHORITY CRISIS – Seven Deadly Sins… and some minor mischief
    BETWEEN THE FROST – Realms of Desolation
    BIOSICK – Oneeleven
    BLOODRIDE – Crowned in Hell
    BORGIA – Amphythalamus Horroris
    BRUJERIA – Brujerizmo
    BURBUJERIA – En Pompa
    CABEZA DE CABALLO – Iron and Wood.
    CATAPULT THE SMOKE – Unearthed
    CATAPULT THE SMOKE – Born in Fire
    CHAOS DEI – Arising From Chaos
    CHILDREN OF DOOM – Doom, Be Doomed, or Fuck Off
    COMBAT NOISE – Fronyline Offensive Force
    CORTISOL – Miss Trauen (Slim Digipack)
    CORTISOL – Dentist
    DAEDALION – Grande Dame Misere
    DANISHMENDT – Un Passé Aride
    DARK COVENANT – Eulogies for the Fallen
    DARK PARANOIA – Emptied By Necessary Apathy
    DAWN Ov HATE – Death d’Hivern
    DEADLY FROST / EXMORTUM – The Nightstalker / Ritual Surgery
    DEADLY FROST / DAREN – Kill the Posers / Obsesje
    DEADZIBEL – Ten Years After
    DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE / SEMTEX / FROGSKIN – By the Malice of the E
    DHUL KARNAIN – Destructor
    DIFENACUM – Alegrame el Dia
    DISFLESH / SLUGFEAST – War Would be Disastrous
    DISHARMONIC – The Creature. Artificial Ignorance
    DISJECTA MEMBRAE – Taedium Vitae
    DRAUGURINN – Myrkraverk
    DRAWERS – All Is One
    ENTROPIA – Takte Mòrbid
    ENTROPIA – Konjur de Creació (digipack)
    EVILHORSE – Cabeza de Vaca
    FERMENTO – Insignia
    FLESHRED – Bloodtorn
    FLOODSTAIN – Slave to the Self Feeding Machine
    FLYING RENOS – Massive
    FREAKHATE – It comes from the grave
    FUNERAL (Nor) – To Mourn Is A Virtue
    FURIOUS PEOPLE – Rock the Road
    FURIOUS PEOPLE – Greatest Hits
    GAEBOLGA – Violent Metal Storm
    GOLDEN WOLF – True Metal is Back
    GRIMNESS 69 – Grimness Avenue 69
    GRIMORIUM VERUM – Acnorajacal
    GROWN BELOW – The Long Now «Digipack»
    HIGHGATE – Black Frost Fallout
    HIGHGATE – Shrines To The Warhead
    HINDRANCE – Rebirth
    HUATA – Atavist of Mann
    HUSMO – Sístole (digipack)
    INFERNAL HATE – Abicen Abora
    INFUSION FLOWERS – El Éxtasis del Absurdo
    INSULTERS – Skull Krushers Festering in Black Vomit
    INVASION – Orchestrated Kill Maneuver
    IVES / AMORT – Split
    KEMANDO A LO BONZO – Pura Lija
    KILLUS – Never something was so real
    KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR – War of the Voivodes
    LAGRIMAS Y RABIA – Desafecto
    LASEN – Al Diablo Nuestro Mundo
    LEPTOSPIROSE – Aqua Mad Max
    LOAN – Kobazuloan Saiakerak
    LORDS OF BUKKAKE – Desorden y Rencor
    LORDS OF BUKKAKE – Lords of Bukkake
    LOUDED – Mugre
    LURK – Lurk
    MADELEINE – Madeleine
    MARASME – Mirroir
    MEIDO – Munduko Kamioirik Handiena
    MEMEST – Lucky Dead Man
    MENTAT – Amarillo Abisal
    METASTASIS – From the Snow The Executioner Rises Again
    MHÖNOS – Humiliati
    MONKEYPRIEST – The Psalm
    MORS SUBITA – Human Waste Compression
    MORVITY – Nemesis Omnisciente
    NEBULAH – Down of Knowledge
    NOCTURNAL TORMENT – They Come at Night
    NOTHING, I KNOW – Face of Fear
    OKKULTOKRATI – Ingen Veit Alt
    OPPUGNO – Oppugno
    OYABUN – Gods & Dogs
    PANDEMIA – Riven
    PATHOGEN – Blasphemous Communion
    PESTA PORCINA – Tots trempant
    PESTA PORCINA – Ultimo Mondo Rurale
    PIROMANOS DEL RITMO – Nosotros tenemos el Fuego…
    POSITIVA – Centaur’s Ride
    POSITIVA – Prodigal Songs
    PRAYER OF THE DYING – From the Mouth of the Passing
    PÜLSAR – Buen Viaje! (digipack artesanal)
    PUS – Pus (slim Digipack)
    PYRAMIDAL – Dawn in Space
    PYRIFLEYETHON / OPHIDIAN FOREST – Summoning of the igneous – Spl
    RABIA POSITIVA – Sentiment, Compromís i Acció! (CD+DVD Digipack)
    RABID DOGS – Rabid Dogs
    RAISER – A Este Eterno Invierno
    REDOX – Equilibrium
    RETRIBUTION – Rip the Silence
    REX DEVS – Nosce Te Ipsum
    RHINO – Breed the Choosen one – Digipack
    RIUL DOAMNEI – Fatima
    SARGON – In Contempt
    SCATTERED REMAINS – The Sacrement of Unholy Communion
    SCREAMING BANSHEE – The Chronicles
    SECAFGOD – Bits & Pieces
    SESIONES ÁCIDAS – Espacio Negativo
    SICKROOM – That Killing Silence
    SIMBIOSE – Evolution?
    SKIRMISH – Through the Abacinated Eyes
    SLAKTRENS – Stralande Tider
    SOFY MAJOR – Permission to Engage
    SOROTAN BABIES – [4 Dimentsio]
    STONED JESUS – First Communion
    STORMHUNTER – Crime and Punishment
    SUICIDAL NIHILISM – Within the Insane Asylum
    SYMBOL OF OBSCURITY – n.N.i.M.m.(Digipack)
    THANATOPSIS – A View of Death
    THE DEADISTS – Time Without Light
    THE HAPPINESS PROJECT – The Incredible Human Cannonball
    THE HAPPINESS PROJECT – Where the avenues reach the sea
    THE MATANZAS CLAN – Catalunya Psycho
    THE PROFANE – Chaosbreed
    THE SAND COLLECTOR – Lord Of The Sun
    THE SEVENT HATE – It’s Not While Sleeping That Your Worst Nightm
    TOMBSTONE – Devil’s Ride
    TORT – Tort
    TREITUM – 1936
    TROCOTOMBIX – Somormujo Lavanco
    TU CARNE – Mondo Carne – Digipack
    TURDUS MERULA – Herbarium
    TURDUS MERULA – Mentem Recipere
    UNABOMBER – Potemkin (Less is More)
    UNDERNOISE/SLOWLY SUFFERING – Morgue Zombies (slim DVD case)
    VESEN – Goat Carcass Rising
    VELOCIDAD ABSURDA – Inexorably Doomed To Cataclysm
    VELOCIDAD ABSURDA – Reborn to the Extermination
    VIHMANA – Templo
    VOICE OF HATE Handling of flesh
    VRANOROD – Vranorod
    WAYNE DigiPack- The Moon Effect

    [email protected]

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    Discos Macarras

    Actualizo listado y añado las últimas referéncias de Hecatombe Records para los mas tralleros:

    VELOCIDAD ABSURDA – Inexorably Doomed To Cataclysm
    AUTHORITY CRISIS – Seven Deadly Sins… and some minor mischief
    DISHARMONIC – The Creature. Artificial Ignorance
    VELOCIDAD ABSURDA – Reborn to the Extermination
    TU CARNE – Mondo Carne – Digipack
    PESTA PORCINA – Ultimo Mondo Rurale

    Y para los más curiosos, Doom Brasileño:

    AGONY VOICES – The Sin
    DOOMED SERENADES – A Brazilian Doom Metal Compilation

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