Iced earth – Dystopia

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      Pues eso, que sacan otro, aunque no sé ni con qué cantante ni nada xDD.

      Days of Rage
      Soylent Green
      Boiling Point
      Anguish of Youth
      Iron Will
      Dark City
      End of Innocence
      Tragedy and Triumph

      Según Shaffer:

      “I’ve always been fascinated by the darker side of life,” Schaffer said during a break from master tracking Iced Earth’s forthcoming album. “Movies like Metropolis, Brazil, and The Matrixresonate with me. The same for albums like 2112, The Wall, and of course Operation:Mindcrime. Their images of a soulless, repressive society stuck with me over the years. It must be the sci-fi fan in me.”

      In much the same way Horror Show (Iced Earth’s tribute to classic characters from literature and movies) was born, Schaffer said his interest in dystopian themes in music and movies led him to try his hand at that genre as well – even paying homage on the new album to the movies Dark City, V For Vendetta, and Soylent Green. The end result is Iced Earth meets the nightmarish offspring of Brave New Worldand Blade Runner.

      Of special interest to long-time fans are two songs on Dystopia (the title track and “Tragedy and Triumph”) that feature the return of the “Something Wicked” storyline and “Set Abominae” – who, when last seen in The Crucible of Man [2008], had taken his position as ruler of the world.

      “The opening song is a step back timeline-wise from the ‘Come What May’ track,” said Schaffer. “‘Come What May’ [the last track on Crucible] sets the scenario that it’s up to us and the decisions we make that will determine the future of the human race. These two songs [on Dystopia] take place at a time when people are in highly controlled prison-like city states, and their eventual emancipation in the closer, ‘Tragedy and Triumph’.”

      In an uncanny case of art imitating life, Schaffer said Set Abominae fit perfectly with the general theme of Dystopia.

      “I remember it hit me like a ton of bricks in ’97, the whole Something Wicked story did,” Schaffer said. “I thought, ‘Man, this is going to be so cool.’ Many years later, we were on tour for Crucibleand we were doing an interview over in Eastern Europe. A buddy of mine said, ‘You know, Jon, this whole Something Wicked thing could be true.’ I thought about it a moment and said, ‘Well, I don’t know about that. But there are some creepy parallels in contemporary life.’”

      “So as I was thinking about all of the great movies, albums, and books with dystopian themes, I remembered that conversation and it occurred to me that the Something Wicked story could continue in a few tracks here very nicely,” Schaffer said.

      Schaffer admits the recording of Dystopiahas been especially challenging because of the band’s summer festival gigs requiring him to criss-cross the ocean numerous times.

      Despite the challenges, Schaffer says working with new vocalist Stu Block is “a pleasure.”

      “You just can’t ask for a better attitude,” said Schaffer. “Stu is so excited to be here. He brings a youthful exuberance to the band, which is a lot of fun. And he’s a real dude. He’s down to earth, and willing to try anything that Jim [Morris, co-producer, engineer] or I throw at him. He’s stepping into the shoes in a very natural way.”

      Schaffer continues: “We’re opening up a part of his voice and a style of singing that he didn’t even really know he had. We’re exploring this whole new range. And we’re just getting started. I believe Stu will continue to grow – and has the potential to grow – into one of the greats, one of the guys that will go down in metal history. If he stays on this course, with the attitude that he has, his willingness to learn, and his passion, he’s destined for really great things. I firmly believe that.”

      Tanto rollo para decir tan poco de la música.

      No espero mucho la verdad. Pero bueno, siempre me quedará esa incógnita.

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      Dark Crusader

        Si pone en lo que has copiado que el cantante es Stu Block, cenutrio xD

        Lo escucharemos por curiosidad, pero poquísimas esperanzas

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          El nombre no me da buenas esperanzas, pero el tema del que trata puede ser interesante..


          Una distopía,1 llamada también antiutopía, es una utopía perversa donde la realidad transcurre en términos opuestos a los de una sociedad ideal. El término fue acuñado como antónimo de utopía y se usa principalmente para hacer referencia a una sociedad ficticia (frecuentemente emplazada en el futuro cercano) donde las consecuencias de la manipulación y el adoctrinamiento masivo —generalmente a cargo de un Estado autoritario o totalitario— llevan al control absoluto, condicionamiento o exterminio de sus miembros bajo una fachada de benevolencia.

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          Ruben Martínez

            La verdad que no espero mucho y eso es una pena….

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              Si pone en lo que has copiado que el cantante es Stu Block, cenutrio xD

              Lo escucharemos por curiosidad, pero poquísimas esperanzas

              Es una manera de hablar melón, claro que lo había leído xD.

              De todas maneras tampoco sé mucho sobre él, así que no sé ni como canta ni nada. Por otro lado, me da muy mal rollo que cuenten tantas polladas sobre el tema del disco conceptual y no comenten nada de la música.

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                Busca en Youtube canciones de Into Eternity.


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                  es muy versatil el tio, yo creo que puede sorprender… a ver que tal. No me mola mucho la portada y espero que el libreto no sea tan cutre como el anterior

                  Red Sharks!

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                    La portada me parece muy simplona, ya veremos como sale el disco.

                    ADRV O MUERTE
                    - TRUST THE PROCESS -
                    Entreganos al mediano, mujer Elfa !!!!!!

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                    José Miguel Gómez

                      Joer, la portada es horrenda. En cuanto a la música en sí yo hace ya mucho tiempo que no espero nada de esta gente.

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                        La vibración que me da es negativa. Vamos a escucharlo, a ver qué tal. La verdad que el anterior no lo he escuchado, y el último con Owens me pareció un petardo.

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