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    Un colega vende su colección de cd´s y aquí os la pongo, para quien esté interesado. Hay de todo. En principio, las tarifas genéricas serían las siguientes:

    CD sencillo: 5
    CD doble (o con DVD): 7
    DVD: 6
    DVD doble, triple, etc: 8

    No obstante, esto es como todo. Es un precio genérico porque hay muchísimos y no se podía discriminar. Según lo que se pida, le podría preguntar. Hay verdaderas joyas junto a otros discos más «estándar»

    Interesados, por aquí o por privado, a mí, que le estoy haciendo de intermediario. Es de Madrid, con lo que la entrega sería en mano a los de aquí; de fuera de Madrid, ya comentaríamos lo de gastos de envío porque no lo controlo:


    Airbourne ­ S/T
    Arsis ­ A celebration of guilt

    Arcturus ­ Sideshow Symphonies (Digi)

    Antigama ­ Warning
    Autopsy ­ Severed Survival (Digi 2 CD)
    At the soundawn ­ Red Square . we come in Waves»
    Amorphis ­ Am Universum
    Amorphis ­ Eclipse
    Amorphis ­ Tuonela
    Amorphis ­ Tales from the Thousand Lakes
    Amorphis ­ The karelian Isthmus
    Amorphis ­ Elegy/My Kantele
    Amorphis ­ My Kantele

    Amorphis ­ Silent Waters

    Aghora ­ Formless (Digi Precintado)
    Alex Masi ­ In the Name of Bach
    All That Remains ­ The Fall of Ideals
    All That Remains ­ This Darkened Heart
    All That Remains ­ Behind Silence and Solitude
    Angel Witch S/T
    AC/DC ­ Stiff Upper Lip (Digipack)
    AC/DC ­ Black Ice (Digipack)

    Atheist ­ Unquestionable Presence
    Atheist ­ Unquestionable Presence Live at Wacken/Pieces to Time (2CDs)
    Atheist ­ Elements
    Atheist ­ Piece of Time
    At the Drive In ­ Relationship of Command

    Arch Enemy ­ Rise of the tyrant
    Arch Enemy ­ the root of all evil
    Arch Enemy ­ Dead Eyes see no future
    Arch Enemy ­ Wages of Sin (2CDs)
    Arch Enemy ­ Tyrants of the rising Sun (2CDs)
    Arch Enemy ­ Anthems of Rebellion
    Arch Enemy ­ Burning Bridges
    Arch Enemy ­ Stigmata
    Arch Enemy ­ Doomsday Machine
    As I lay Dying ­ Frail World Collapse
    As I lay Dying ­ Shadows are security (Special Edition Digipack CD+DVD)
    As I lay Dying ­ The Powerless Rise (Digipack)
    As I lay Dying ­ an Ocean Between Us
    As I lay Dying ­ A long March

    Alice in Chains ­ Black Gives way to Blue
    Alice in Chains ­ Dirt (2 copias)

    Alice in Chains ­ S/T
    Anthrax ­ Sound of White Noise (Digipack)
    Anthrax ­ Live the Island Years
    Anthrax ­ Attack of the Killer B’s

    Anthrax ­ State of Euphoria

    Anthrax ­ Alive 2 (Special Edition Digipack CD+DVD)
    Anthrax ­ The greater of two Evils (Digipack 2 Cds)
    Anthrax ­ We’ve come for you all (2 CDs)
    Anthrax ­ Volume 8 The threat is real
    Annihilator ­ Schizo Deluxe

    Annihilator ­ Set the World on fire (Digipack 2 CDs)
    Annihilator ­ King of the Kill
    Annihilator ­ Waking the Fury (2 copias)
    Annihilator ­ Double Live Annihilation (2 CDs)
    Annihilator ­ Remains
    Annihilator ­ Refresh the Demon
    Annihilator ­ Criteria for a BlackWidow
    Annihilator ­ All for You (Digibook)
    Annihilator ­ Carnival Diablos
    Alice Cooper ­ Hey Stoopid
    Alice Cooper ­ Classicks
    Annal Nathrakh ­ Hell is Empty and all the devils are here

    Aborted ­ The Archaic Abattoir
    Ashes Divide ­ Keep Telling Myself It’s allright
    Amon Amarth ­ Surtur Rising (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Amon Amarth ­ Versus the World (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Amon Amarth ­ The Avenger (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Amon Amarth ­ Once sent from the Golden Hall (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Amon Amarth ­ Fate of Norns
    Amon Amarth ­ With owen on our side (Digipack 2 CDs)
    Amon Amarth ­ Twilight of the Thundergod (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Abhinanda ­ senseless

    Anterior ­ THis age of Silence
    All Shall Perish ­ Hate Malice Revenge
    All Shall Perish ­ The Price of Existence
    Aeon ­ Bleeding the False
    Arsis ­ we are the nightmare (CD+DVD)
    Autumnblaze ­ Mute boy Sad Girl
    Abandon ­ In reality we suffer
    As Eden Burns ­ The Great Celestial Delusion

    Anathema ­ A Natural Disaster (Digipack)
    Anathema ­ A fine day to exit

    Anathema ­ Resonance

    Ackercocke ­ Choronzon
    Ackercocke ­ Words that go Unspoken deeds that go Undone
    Ackercocke ­ Antichrist


    Bane ­ The note
    Bleed the Sky ­ Paradigm in entropy
    Between the Buried and me ­ The Great Misdirect
    Between the Buried and me ­ The parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues
    Between the Buried and me ­ The Silent Circus
    Beasty Boys ­ Licensed to Ill
    Before the Down ­ My Darkness (Digipack)
    Before the Down ­ The Ghost
    Battlelore ­ Evernight
    Biohazard ­ Mata Leao
    Biohazard ­ Urban Discipline
    Biohazard ­ State of the World Address
    Blind Dog ­ Captaindog Rides Again
    Botch ­ An Anthology of dead Ends
    Burst ­ Lazarus Bird
    Buried Inside ­ Spoils of Failure
    Burnt by the Sun ­ S/T
    Burnt by the Sun ­ The Perfect is the Enemy of the God
    Burnt by the Sun ­ Heart of Darkness (Deluxe Edition DVD)
    Black Tusk ­ Taste the Sin

    Black Crowes ­ Amorica
    Brandtson/Camber/Seven Storey ­ Split
    Biomechanical ­ The empires of the Worlds
    Brandtson ­ Send us a signal
    Brandtson ­ Death & Taxes
    Brandtson ­ Dial in Sounds
    Brandtson ­ Hello Control (Digipack)
    Brandtson ­ Trying to figure each other out
    Brujeria ­ Raza Odiada
    Bal­sagoth ­ The Chthonic Chronicles
    Behemoth ­ Zos Kia Cultus
    Behemoth ­ Thelema 6
    Behemoth ­ Evangelion (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Burden of Grief ­ Fields of Salvation
    Burden of Grief ­ Death End Road
    Black Sabbath ­ heaven and Hell

    Black Sabbath ­ Born Again
    Black Sabbath ­ The Eternal Idol
    Black Sabbath ­ Seventh Star
    Blind Guardian ­ Tokyo Tales
    Blind Guardian ­ Live (2CDs)
    Blind Guardian ­ Nightfall in Middle Earth
    Blind Guardian ­ Somewhere far beyond
    Blind Guardian ­ Imaginations from the other Side
    Blind Guardian ­ A twist in the Myth (Digipack 2 CDs)

    Bad Religion ­ The New America (Digipack precintado)

    Bad Religion ­ Generator
    Bad Religion ­ No Substance
    Bad Religion ­ The Gray Race

    Black Label Society ­ Hangover Music Vol. 6
    Black Label Society ­ Order of the Black
    Black Label Society ­ Shot to hell
    Black Label Society ­ Mafia
    Black Label Society ­ 1919 eternal
    Black Label Society ­ Sonic Brew
    Black Label Society ­ Stronger Than Death
    Black Label Society ­ Alcohol fueled Brewtality Live! (2 CDs)
    Black Label Society ­ The Blessed Hellride

    Bolt Thrower ­ Honour valour pride

    The Black Dahlia Murder ­ Deflorate (Digipack CD+DVD)
    The Black Dahlia Murder ­ Miasma
    The Black Dahlia Murder ­ Nocturnal
    Barricada ­ Doble Directo
    Boy Sets Fire ­ Tomorrow come Today (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Boy Sets Fire ­ The Misery Index (CD+DVD)
    Boy Sets Fire ­ The Day the Sun went out
    Boy Sets Fire ­ in Chrysalis
    Boy Sets Fire ­ After the Eulogy
    Boy Sets Fire ­ Live for Today
    Boy Sets Fire ­ Before the Eulogy
    Bruce Springsteen ­ Born in the USA (Precintado)
    Bruce Springsteen ­ The Rising
    Bleeding Through ­ This is Love this is murderous
    Bleeding Through ­ Portrait of the Goddess
    Bleeding Through ­ The Truth
    Boston ­ S/T
    Bullet for my Valentine ­ Scream Aim Fire
    Barón Rojo ­ Perversiones
    Barón Rojo ­ Tierra de Nadie
    Barón Rojo ­ +20
    Barón Rojo ­ en Aqualung
    Barón Rojo ­ Ultimasmentes
    Barón Rojo ­ Tributo Larga vida al volumen Brutal
    Barón Rojo ­ Las aventuras del barón (2CDs+ DVD)
    Birds of Prey ­ Weight of the Wound
    Benediction ­ Killing Music
    Beyond the Sixth Seal ­ Earth and Sphere
    Bifröst ­ Heidenmetal
    By Night ­ A new Shape of Desperation


    Cannibal Corpse ­ Vile (Digipack)
    Cannibal Corpse ­ Gallery of Suicide
    Cannibal Corpse ­ Kill
    Cannibal Corpse ­ Evisceration Plague
    Cannibal Corpse ­ Gore Obssessed
    Cannibal Corpse ­ The Wretched Spawn
    Cannibal Corpse ­ Bloodthirst
    Clawfinger ­ Use Your brain
    Callisto ­ True nature Unfolds
    Cinderella ­ Heartbreak Station
    Cinderella ­ Night Songs
    Cinderella ­ Long Cold Winter (precintado)
    Cynic ­ Traced in Air (Digipack)

    Crowpath ­ Red on Chrome
    Canvas Solaris ­ Cortical Tectonics

    Chris Caffery ­ FAces (Digi 2CD)
    Cephalic Carnage ­ Conforming to Abnormality

    Cephalic Carnage ­ Xenosapien
    Crass ­ Stations of the Crass
    Crown of thorns ­ breakthrough
    Canvas Solaris ­ Sublimation
    Cradle of filth ­ Cruelty and the Beast
    Cradle of filth ­ vempire
    Cradle of filth ­ Dusk…and her embrace (Digibook)
    Cradle of filth ­ Maximum Filth

    Celtic Frost ­ into the Pademonium
    Carnal Forge ­ Aren’t you dead yet? (precintado)
    Cult of Luna ­ Eternal kingdom (CD+DVD)
    Cult of Luna ­ Somewhere along the highway
    Cult of Luna ­ Salvation

    Candlemass ­ Lucifer Rising
    Candlemass ­ S/T
    Candlemass ­ King of the grey Islands
    Candlemass ­ Live (Digipack 2 Cds)
    Crowbar ­ Live + 1
    Crowbar ­ Lifesblood for the Downthroned
    Crowbar ­ Past and Present
    Crowbar ­ Sonic Excess in its purest form
    Crowbar ­ Broken Glass
    Cypher System/By Night ­ Split
    The Cure ­ Bloodflowers
    The Cure ­ The Top

    The Cure ­ Japanese Whispers

    The Cure ­ S/T (Digipack CD+DVD)
    The Cure ­ Mixed Up
    The Cure ­ 4:13 Dream
    The Cure ­ Faith

    The Cure ­ Wild Mood Swing

    The Cure ­ Wish

    The Cure ­ paris

    Corrosion of conformity ­ Deliverance
    Corrosion of conformity ­ Blind
    Corrosion of conformity ­ America’s Volume Dealer
    Corrosion of conformity ­Technocracy
    Corrosion of conformity ­ Wiseblood
    Corrosion of conformity ­ Live Volume
    Carcass ­ Necroticism
    Carcass ­ Heartwork (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Carcass ­ Swansong (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Children of Bodom ­ Follow the reaper
    Children of Bodom ­ Hatebreader
    Children of Bodom ­ Something wild
    Children of Bodom ­ tokyo Warhearts
    Children of Bodom ­ are you dead yet? (Special Edition)
    Children of Bodom ­ Hatecrew Death Roll
    Cathedral ­ The Ethereal Mirror (Digipack Dual disc)
    Cathedral ­ The Serpents Gold

    Centinex ­ Hellbrigade

    The Clash ­ Super Black Market Clash
    The Clash ­ S/T
    Caliban ­ The Undying Darkness
    Caliban ­ Say Hello to Tragedy
    Caliban ­ The Awakening
    Caliban ­ Shadow Hearts
    Caliban ­ Opposite from Within
    Cerebrum ­ Spectral Extravagance
    Capharnaun ­ Fractured
    Candiria ­ What doesn’t Kill you…
    Cave In ­ Creative Eclipses

    Cave In ­ Perfect Pitch Black
    Cave In ­ Antenna

    Cave In ­ Tides of Tomorrow
    Converge ­ You Fail me (Digipack)
    Converge ­ Axe to fall (Digipack)
    Coalesce ­ 012:2
    Coalesce ­ OX EP (Digipack Precintado)
    CIV ­ The complete discography (Digipack)
    Los Crudos ­ Discografía
    Cryptopsy ­ and then you’ll beg
    Cryptopsy ­ The Unspoken Thing
    Cicatriz ­ Colgado por ti
    Canvas Solaris ­ The Atomized Dream (Digipack)
    Canvas Solaris ­ Penunmbra Diffuse (Digipack)
    Cypher ­ Central Tunnel Eight
    Crowpath ­ Son of Sulphur


    Darkest Hour ­ So sedated So secure
    Darkest Hour ­ The eternal Return
    Dark Throne ­ Circle the Wagons
    Dawn of tears ­ Echoes
    Deicide ­ Amon: Festing the Beast

    Deicide ­ Scar of the Crucifix
    Deicide ­ Insineratehymn
    Deicide ­ In torment in Hell
    Deicide ­Till Death do us part

    Deftones ­ S/T
    Deftones ­ White Pony
    Deftones ­ Around the Fur
    Deftones ­ Saturday night Wrist
    Darkness by Oath ­ Fear Yourself
    Death ­ The Sound of Perseverance
    Decapitated ­ Nihility
    Decapitated ­ Winds of creation (con DVD)
    Don Caballero ­ World Class Listening Problem
    Don Caballero Punkgasm
    Deadlock ­ Manifesto (Digi)
    Death Angel ­ Sonic German Beatdown (con DVD)
    Discharge ­ hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing

    Down ­ Over the Under

    Divine Heresy ­ Bleed the Fifth
    Divine Heresy ­ bringer of Plagues
    Dream Theater ­ S/T

    Dream Theater ­ a Change of Seasons
    Dream Theater ­ Falling into infinity
    Dream Theater ­ Awake
    Dream Theater ­ Live at the Marquee
    Dream Theater ­ Six Degrees of turbulence
    Dream Theater ­ Metropolis pt.2: Scenes from a Memory
    Dream Theater ­ Octavarium
    Dream Theater ­ Train of Though
    Dew Scented ­ Incinerate
    Dew Scented ­ Incinerate (2CDs)
    Dew Scented ­ I’ll natured & Innocent (digipack)
    Dew Scented ­ Immortelle (digipack)
    The Doors ­ S/T
    The Doors ­ Waiting for the Sun
    The Doors ­ Morrison Hotel
    The Doors ­ Strange Days
    The Doors ­ L.A. Woman
    The Doors ­ In Concert

    Decapitated ­ The Negation (Precintado)
    Daughters ­ Canada Songs
    Dissection ­ Reinkaos
    Dimmu Borgir ­ In sorte Diaboli (Digibook CD+DVD)
    Dimmu Borgir ­ Enthrone Darkness Triumphant

    Dimmu Borgir ­ For all tid

    Dark Tranquillity ­ Exposures (2CDs)
    Dark Tranquillity ­ Haven
    Dark Tranquillity ­ lost to apathy ep
    Dark Tranquillity ­ Fiction
    Dark Tranquillity ­ Character
    Dark Tranquillity ­ Damage Done
    Dark Tranquillity ­ Projector
    Dark Tranquillity ­ The Mind’s I (Deluxe edition)
    Dhul Karnain ­ Destructor
    Doss ­ After the Wild rush…waiting
    Doss ­ Egometrie
    Deep Purple ­ Made in Japan (2CD)
    Deep Purple ­ Burn 30th anniversary edition
    Deep Purple ­ Fireball 25th anniversary edition
    Deep Purple ­ In concert (2 CDs)
    Deep Purple ­ Shades of Deep Purple
    Deep Purple ­ Stormbringer 35th anniversary Edition (CD+DVD)
    Deep Purple ­ Machine Head Anniversary Edition (2 CDs)
    Deep Purple ­ In Rock
    Dio ­ intermission
    Dio ­ Sacred Heart
    Dio ­ Lock up the Wolves

    Dio ­ Master of the Moon
    Dio ­ Dream Evil
    Dio ­ Angry machines
    Dio ­ Magica & Killing the Dragon (2CDs)

    The Dillinger Escape Plan ­ Miss Machine (Digipack 2 CDs)
    The Dillinger Escape Plan ­ Under the Running Board (Digipack)
    Disfear ­ Live the Storm

    Death breath ­ Stinking up the night (Digipack)

    Dying Fetus ­ Stop at Nothing
    Dying Fetus ­ Killing on Adrenaline

    Dark Fortress ­ Eidolon

    Danzig ­ III How the gods Kill

    Daylight Dies ­ No Reply

    Daylight Dies ­ Lost to the Living
    Daylight Dies ­ Live from the Relapse Contamination Festival
    David Lee Roth ­ Skyscraper
    David Lee Roth ­ Eat ‘em and Smile
    David Lee Roth ­ A little ain’t enough
    Devil Driver ­ Pray for Villians


    Extreme ­ pornograffitti
    Emperor ­ Prometheus
    Eidolon ­ Hallowed Apparition
    Eyehategod ­ Take as needed for Pain
    Eyehategod ­ Dopesick
    Eyehategod ­ In the name of Suffering
    Extol ­ Blueprint (Precintado)
    Elliott ­ U.S. Songs
    Elliott ­ Photorecordings (Cd + DVD)
    Elliott ­ Song in the air
    Elliott ­ If they do
    Elliott ­ False Cathedrals

    Elisian Blaze ­ Beneath Silent Faces
    Entombed ­ Wolverine Blues

    Envy ­ Abyssal
    Exhumed ­ Garbage daze re­regurgitated
    Eidolon ­ Coma Nation
    Evile ­ Enter the Grave
    Evile ­ Infected Nations
    The End ­ Elementary (Digipack)
    The End ­ Transfer Trachea
    The End ­ Within dividia (Digipack)
    Eluveitie ­ Everything remains as it never Was
    Eluveitie ­ Evocation I The Arcade Dominion
    Ensiferum ­ S/T
    En Declin ­ Trama


    Firehouse ­ Hold your Fire
    Fates Warning ­ Perfect Symmetry
    Fates Warning ­ Inside Out
    Fates Warning ­ Parallels
    Fates Warning ­ A Pleasant Shade of Grey

    Fudge Tunner ­ Creep Diets
    Further Seems forever ­ Hide Nothing
    Further Seems forever ­ The Final curtain (2CD)
    Further Seems forever ­ How to start a fire
    Further Seems forever ­ Hope this find you well
    Further Seems forever ­ The Moon is Down
    Forest of Shadows ­ Six waves of woe
    The Faceless ­ Planetary Duality (Digipack)
    Fear Factory ­ Obsolete
    Fear Factory ­ Demanufacture/Remanufacture (Digipack 2 CDs)

    Fear Factory ­ Archetype
    Fear Factory ­ Digimortal
    Fear Factory ­ Soul of a New Machine/Fear is the Mindkiller (2CDs)
    Far ­ Water & Solutions
    Far ­ tin cans with Strin
    Farmakon ­ Robin
    Farmakon ­ a warm glimpse


    Gary Moore ­ Wild Frontier
    Gary Moore ­ After the War
    Gary Moore ­ Still Got the Blues
    Gary Moore ­ Run For Cover
    Gary Moore ­ Victims of the Future
    Gary Moore ­ Corridors of Power
    genghis Tron ­ Board up the House
    Grade ­ Separate the Magnets
    Grade ­ Triumph & Tragedy
    Grade ­ Headfirdt Straight to hell (digipack)
    Grade ­ The Embarrasing Beginning
    Grade ­ Under the Radar
    Grade ­ And Such is progress;)
    Golgotha ­ Melancholy / Elemental Changes / The Way of Confusion
    Gods ­ I See you Through Glass
    Gluecifer ­ Soaring with the Pigs…
    Green Carnation ­ The quiet Offspring (Digi)
    Green Carnation ­ A Blessing in disguise

    The Gathering ­ Home
    The Gathering ­ Souvenirs
    The Gathering ­ Downfall The early Years (2CDs)

    Guns n’ Roses ­ Use your Illusion I
    Gojira ­ From Mars to sirius (Digipack)
    Gojira ­ The way of all flesh
    Green Carnation ­ Light of Day, Day of Darkness (Digipack)

    Gorefest ­ Soul Survivor & Chapter 13 (2 CDs)
    Gorefest ­ La muerte
    Gorefest ­ Rise to Ruin
    Gorilla Biscuits ­ Start Today

    Gorod ­ Process of a new decline
    Ghost Brigade ­ Guided by fire
    Godhead ­ 2000years of human error
    Gordian Knot ­ S/T
    Gordian Knot Emergent
    Graves of valor ­ Salarian Gate


    Hate Eternal ­ I, Monarch (con DVD)
    Haste the Day ­ Pressure the Hinges
    Heathen ­ Vixtims of Deception
    Howl ­ Full of Hell
    Hull ­ Sole Lord

    The Heretic ­ Gospel songs in E Minor
    Him ­ Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666
    Him ­ Razorblade Romance
    Him ­ Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights
    Hate ­ Victims
    The Haunted ­ S/T
    The Haunted ­ Warning Shots
    The Haunted ­ The Dead Eye
    The Haunted ­ made me do it
    The Haunted ­ one kill wonder
    The Haunted ­ versus
    The Haunted ­ Revolver
    Hate ­ Holy dead trinity
    Hate ­ Anaclasis
    Hate ­ Morphosis

    Heaven and Hell ­ The Devil you know
    Hacride ­ Deviant Current Signal
    Hacride ­ Amoeba
    Hackneyed ­ Death Prevails
    Hackneyed ­ Burn after Reaping

    Hamlet ­ Revolución 12.111


    Iron Thrones ­ Visions of Light
    I Killed the Prom Queen ­ Music for the Recently Deceased
    The International Noise Conspiracy ­ Survival Sickness
    Incubus ­ S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

    In Battle ­ Kingdom of Fear
    Intronaut ­ Void
    Ihsahn ­ After
    In Flames ­ Whoracle
    In Flames ­ A Sense of Purpose (Digipack CD+DVD)
    In Flames ­ Soundtrack to your Escape (Digipack)
    In Flames ­ Clayman
    In Flames ­ Reroute to remain
    In Flames ­ Come Clarity (Digipack CD+DVD)
    In Flames ­ Colony
    In Flames ­ The Jester Race
    In Flames ­ Subterranean
    In Flames ­ Lunar Strain
    In Flames ­ The Mirror’s truth
    Isis ­ Wavering Radiant (Digipack)
    Isis ­ In the Absence of truth
    Isis ­ Oceanic
    Isis ­ Celestial (Digipack)

    Iron Maiden ­ Live at Donnington (2 CDs)
    Iron Maiden ­ A real live dead one (2 CDs)
    Iron Maiden ­ Dance of Death
    Iron Maiden ­ Live After Death

    Iron Maiden ­ A matter of Life and Death
    Iron Maiden ­ Brave new World
    Iron Maiden ­ Rock in Rio (2 CDs)
    Iron Maiden ­ Death on the Road (2 CDs)
    Iron Maiden ­ Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    Iron Maiden ­ Virtual XI
    Iron Maiden ­ Factor X

    Iron Maiden ­ The Final Frontier
    Ignite ­ A place called home
    Indecision ­ Release the Cure
    Intronaut ­ Prehistoricisms


    James Murphy ­ Feeding the Machine (Digipack)
    Jeremy Enigk ­ World Waits (digi)
    Joe Stump ­ Supersonic Shred Machine
    Joe Stump ­ Night of the Living Shred
    Joey Tafolla ­ Plastic
    Jag Panzer ­ Casting the Stones
    Jets to Brazil ­ Orange Rhyming Dictionary
    Juliana Theory ­ Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat (2cd)
    Juliana Theory ­ a Small noise
    Juliana Theory ­ Love
    Juliana Theory ­ Music from another Room
    Juliana Theory ­ Understand this is a dream
    Jimmy Eat World ­ Static Prevails
    Jardín de la Croix ­ Pomeroy
    Jason Becker ­ perpetual Burn
    Jason Becker ­ The Raspberry Jams
    Jason Becker ­ A tribute to Jason Becker (2CDs)
    Joe Satriani ­ Not of this Earth
    Joe Satriani ­ Dreaming #11
    Joe Satriani ­ Surfing with the Alien (firmado)
    Joe Satriani ­ Flying in a blue Dream
    Joe Satriani ­ The Extremist
    Joe Satriani ­ Time Machine (2CDs)
    Joe Satriani ­ S/T
    Joe Satriani ­ Crystal Planet
    Joe Satriani ­ Engines of Creation
    Joe Satriani ­ Is there love in Space?
    Joe Satriani ­ Strange Beautiful Music
    Joe Satriani ­ Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock
    Joe Satriani ­ Super Colossal
    Judas Priest ­ Jugulator
    Judas Priest ­ Defenders of the Faith
    Judas Priest ­ Priest…Live!

    Judas Priest ­ Screamig for Vengeance

    Judas Priest ­ ’98 Live Meltdown
    Joy Division ­ Substance
    Joy Division ­ Closer
    Joy Division ­ Unknown Pleasures


    Kataklysm ­ Prevail
    Kataklysm ­ in the Arms of Devastation
    Kataklysm ­ Live in Deutschland (2CDs)
    Karate ­ Pockets
    Killswitch Engage ­ S/T
    Killswitch Engage ­ The End of heartache
    Killswitch Engage ­ As Daylight Dies (firmado por el grupo)
    Klimt 1918 ­ Undressed Momento (Digi)

    Kiss ­ Music from the Elder
    Kiss ­ Revenge (precintado)

    Kiss ­ Hotter than Hell
    Kiss ­ S/T

    Kiss ­ Asylum (Precintado)
    Kiss ­ Unmasked (precintado)

    Kiss ­ Carnival of souls (precintado)
    Kiss ­ Crazy nights
    Kiss ­ Sonic Boom (Digipack con 2 cds + DVD)
    Karate ­ In place of real insight
    Karate ­ The bed is in the ocean (precintado)
    Karate ­ Cancel/ Sing
    Karate ­ 595
    Karate ­ some boots

    Krisiun ­ Works of Carnage
    Krisiun ­ Ageless Venomous
    Krisiun ­ Southern Storm
    Keep of Kalessin ­ Kolossus
    Keep of Kalessin ­ Reptilian
    King Diamond ­ Conspiracy
    King Diamond ­ Gime me your soul…please (Digipack)

    King Diamond ­ Voodoo (Digipack)

    Katatonia ­ Dance of December Souls (Digipack)
    Katatonia ­ night is the new Day

    Katatonia ­ Tonight Decision (Digipack)
    Katatonia ­ Viva Emptiness (Digipack)

    Kylesa ­ Static tensions
    Kreator ­ Hordes of Chaos
    Kreator ­ Live Kreation (2 CDs)
    Kreator ­ Endorama

    Korn ­ S/T
    Korn ­ Life is Peachy
    Korn ­ Follow the Leader (2 CDs)
    Klone ­ all Seing eye (Digipack)


    Lamb of God ­ wrath (Digipack)
    Lamb of God ­ As the Palaces Burn
    Lamb of God ­ Ashes of the Wake
    Lamb of God ­ Sacrament
    Logh ­ North
    Logh ­ Every time a bell ring…
    Logh ­ The Raging Sun
    Life of Agony ­ River Runs Red
    Life of Agony ­ Broken Valley
    Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards ­ S/T (Digi)
    Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards ­ Viking (Digi)
    Lake of tears ­ Blackbrickroad

    Led Zeppelin ­ Coda
    Led Zeppelin ­ Presence
    Led Zeppelin ­ In through the Door
    Led Zeppelin ­ Physical Graffiti
    Led Zeppelin ­ III
    Labyrinth ­ S/T

    Light Pupil Dilate ­ Snake Wine
    Lilitu ­ The Delores Lesion


    Manowar ­ Battle Hymns
    Manowar ­ Sign of the hammer

    Manegarm ­ Vargstenen

    Minsk ­ With Echoes in the Movement of Stone
    Minsk ­ the Ritual Fires of Abandonement
    Ministry ­ Animositisomina

    malevolent Creation ­ Retrospective
    Municipal Waste ­ Massive Aggresive
    Muro ­ Grandes éxitos
    Misery Loves Co. ­ Not Like Them
    Motorhead ­ Orgasmatron
    Motorhead ­ Bomber

    Motley Crue ­ Dr Feelgood
    Muro ­ Telón de Acero
    Muro ­ Acero y sangre
    Marilyn Manson ­ Smells Like Children
    Marilyn Manson ­ Antichrist Superstar
    Marilyn Manson ­ Mechanical Animals
    Morne ­ Asylum (Digipack)
    Machine head ­ The Blackening
    Machine head ­ The More Things Change
    Machine head ­ Hellalive
    Machine head ­ Supercharger
    Machine head ­ The Burning Red
    Machine head ­ Through the ashes of empires
    Michael Angelo ­ No Boundaries
    Michael Angelo ­ Planet Gemini
    Marty Friedman ­ Future Addict
    Marty Friedman ­ Music For Speeding
    Marty Friedman ­ Introduction
    Marty Friedman ­ True Obsessions
    Michael Romeo ­ The Dark Chapter

    Mr Big ­ Hey Man
    The Mars Volta ­ The Bedlam in Goliath
    The Mars Volta ­ Frances the Mute
    The Mars Volta ­ De­loused in the Comatorium
    The Mars Volta ­ Amputechture
    The Mars Volta ­ Octahedron
    Michael Schenker Group ­ S/T
    MSG ­ MSG

    Meshuggah ­ Destroy Erease Improve
    Morgion ­ The Relapse Collection (Digipack 2 CDs)
    Misery Index ­ heirs to Thievery
    Misery Index ­ Traitors
    Misery Index ­ Discordia

    Metallica ­ Ride the Lightning
    Metallica ­ Master of Puppets

    Metallica ­ …and Justice for All

    Metallica ­ Reload
    Metallica ­ S&M
    Metallica ­ St. Anger (Digipack)
    Metallica ­ Death Magnetic (Digipack)
    Metallica ­ So What? (singles)
    Metallica ­ Live Usa (GBootleg 1985)
    Metallica ­ The metal masters (Bootleg 1986
    Metallica ­ Up & Down (Demo No life till Leather)
    Metallica ­ Fade to Black (Bootleg 1992)
    Megadeth ­ Rust in Peace

    Megadeth ­ Extended Versions
    Megadeth ­ Endgame
    Megadeth ­ United Abominations
    Megadeth ­ The system has Failed
    Megadeth ­ The World needs a Hero (Limited Edition/ Poster)
    Megadeth ­ Rude Awakening (2CDs)
    Megadeth ­ Hidden Treasures
    Megadeth ­ Youthanasia

    Megadeth ­ Risk
    Megadeth ­ Friday 13 (Bootleg 92/97)

    Morbid Angel ­ Abominations of Desolations

    Man Must Die ­ Start Killing
    Man Must Die ­ The Human Condition
    Mencea ­ Dark Matter Energy Noir
    Mike Ness ­ Under the Influences
    Madball ­ Demostating my Style
    Most Precious Blood ­ merciless
    My own private Alaska ­ S/T (Digipack)
    Monachus ­ Out of the Blue (Digipack)

    Muro ­ Pacto de sangre
    Muro ­ grandes y directos (Digipack CD+DVD)
    My Dying Bride ­ Trinity

    My Dying Bride ­ The Light at the end of the World (Digipack)

    My Dying Bride ­ Like Gods of the Sun
    Misery Signals ­ Of Malice and the Magnum Heart
    Malevolent Creation ­ The Will to Kill/Warkult (2 CDs)
    Mendeed ­ This War will last forever


    Napalm Death ­ Leaders not Followers
    Napalm Death ­ Leaders not Followers part 2
    Napalm Death ­ Fear, Emptiness, Despair (2 copias)
    Napalm Death ­ From Enslavement to Obliteration
    Napalm Death ­ Scum
    Napalm Death ­ Time Waits for no Slave
    Nashville Pussy ­ Let them eat Pussy
    Necrophagist ­ Onset of Putrefaction
    Necrophagist ­ Epitaph
    Nevermore ­ Enemies of Reality
    Nahemah ­ The Second Philosophy
    Neuraxis ­ Live Progression
    Neuraxis ­ Trilateral Progresion
    Neuraxis ­ Truth Imagery Passage
    Nirvana ­ Nevermind
    Nirvana ­ Incesticide
    Nirvana ­ Unplugged
    Nine Inch Nails ­ Things Falling apart
    Nine Inch Nails ­ With Teeth
    Nine Inch Nails ­ Pretty Hate Machine
    Nine Inch Nails ­ Fixed (Digipack)
    Nine Inch Nails ­ Broken (Digipack)
    Nine Inch Nails ­ Year Zero (Digipack)
    Nine Inch Nails ­ And all that could have been (Digipack)
    Nine Inch Nails ­ The Fragile (Digipack 2 CDs)
    Nine Inch Nails ­ The Downward Spiral (Digipack)
    Nine Inch Nails ­ Further Down the Spiral (Digipack)
    Nile ­ ithyphallic (digipack)

    Nile ­ Annihilation of the Wicked (Digipack)
    Nile ­ in their Darkened Shrines
    Nile ­ Among the Catacombs of Nephren­Ka

    Nahemah ­ A new Constellation (Digipack)
    Neurosis ­ Given to the Rising
    Novembers Doom ­ Amid its Hallowed Mirth

    Novembers Doom ­ to welcome the Fade (Precintado)
    Norther ­ N


    Obscura ­ Retribution
    Obscura Retribution (Remastered)
    Obituary ­ Darkest Day (Special Edition)
    Obituary ­ Xecutioner ́s Return
    Obituary ­ Cause of Death
    Overcast ­ Reborn to Kill Again
    Ozzy Osbourne ­ Scream
    Ozzy Osbourne ­ Black Rain
    Ozzy Osbourne ­ Down to Earth
    Ozzy Osbourne ­ Live at Budokan

    Ozzy Osbourne ­ Diary of a Madman

    Ozzy Osbourne ­ No rest for the Wicked

    The Ocean ­ Fluxion (digipack)
    The Ocean ­ Heliocentric (digipack)
    The Ocean ­ Aeolian
    The Ocean ­ Precambrian (2CDs)
    Opeth ­ Damnation
    Opeth ­ Ghost reveries (Digipack CD+ DVD)
    Opeth ­ Blackwater Park

    Opeth ­ Still Life (Digipack CD+ DVD)

    Opeth ­ Watershed (Digipack CD+ DVD)
    Opeth ­ Morningrise
    Opeth ­ Deliverance
    Opeth ­ My arms your Hearse
    Opeth ­ Orchid
    Origin ­ Antithesis
    Origin ­ S/T
    Origin ­ Echoes of Decimation
    Origin ­ informis Infinitas Inhumanitas
    Oceano ­ Depths
    Oblivio ­ Dreams are Distant memories
    October Tide ­ Grey Dawn (Digipack)


    Primal Fear ­ Seven Seals
    Primordial ­ The Gathering Wilderness
    Paragon of beauty ­ Seraphine…Far gone Gleam
    Pitch Schifter ­ Deviant
    Pedro the Lion ­ Achilles Heel
    Patrick Rondat ­ Just for Fun
    Papa Roach ­ Infest
    Pedro the Lion ­ Control
    Pedro the Lion ­ Whole EP
    Primordial ­ Redemption at the puritan’s hand (digipack
    Porcupine Tree ­ In absentia
    Psycroptic ­ Ob(servant) (CD+DVD)
    Psycroptic ­ Symbols of Failure
    Psycroptic ­ The Scepter of the Ancients
    Paul Gilbert ­ Alligator Farm
    Paul Gilbert ­ King of Clubs
    Paul Gilbert ­ Flying Dog
    Paul Gilbert ­ Silence followed by a deafening roar
    Pride and Glory ­ S/T (2 CDs)
    Pearl Jam ­ Ten
    Paths of Possession ­ promises in blood
    Paths of Possession ­ The end of the War

    Pantera ­ Far Beyond Driven
    Pantera ­ The Great Southern Trendkill
    Pantera ­ Reinventing the Steel
    Pantera ­ Official Live: 101 Proof
    Prong ­ Scorpio Rising (Digipack)
    Pitch Shifter ­ Infotainment?
    Pro­Pain ­ Content Under Pressure
    Pennywise ­ S/T
    Pain ­ Psalm of Extinction
    Purtenance ­ Member of Immortal Damnation
    Purusam ­ The way of the Dying Race

    Paradise Lost ­ S/T
    Paradise Lost ­ In Requiem

    Paradise Lost ­ Icon

    Paradise Lost ­ Believe in Nothing
    Paradise Lost ­ One Second
    Paradise Lost ­ Host
    Paradise Lost ­ Early Demos (Digipack)
    The Psyke Project ­ Apnea


    Queensrÿche ­ Operation Mindcrime (2 CD)
    Queensrÿche ­ Operation Mindcrime (CD+DVD)
    Queensrÿche ­ Operation Mindcrime II
    Queensrÿche ­ Empire
    Quicksand ­ Manic Compression
    Quiet Riot ­ Metal health
    Queens of the Stone Age ­ Rated R

    Queens of the Stone Age ­ Lullabies to Paralize (precintado)
    Queens of the Stone Age ­ Era Vulgaris


    Racer X ­ Superheroes
    Rainknight ­ Dragon ́s Brotherhood
    Royal Hunt ­ Paradox
    Red Sparowes ­ Triad (Split con Made out of babies y Battle of Mice)
    Rocket from the Crypt ­ All Systems go 2
    Rocket from the Crypt ­ Live from Camp X Ray
    Rocket from the Crypt ­ The Name of the band is RFTC
    Revocation ­ Empire of the Obscene
    Revocation ­ Existence is Futile
    Raintime ­ Flies & Lies
    Rage Against the Machine ­ S/T
    Rolling Stones ­ S/T
    Rolling Stones ­ Aftermath
    Rotting Christ ­ Theogonia (Digi)
    Richie Sambora ­ Stranger in this Town
    Rainbow ­ On Stage

    Rainbow ­ Bent out of shape
    Rainbow ­ Straight between the eyes

    Rainbow ­ Rising
    Rainbow ­ Difficult to cure
    Rainbow ­ Down to earth
    Rainbow ­ Strangers in Us all
    Russian Circles ­ Enter (Digipack)

    Russian Circles ­ Geneva (Digipack)
    Roland Grapow ­ The Four Seasons of Life

    Red Hot Chili Peppers ­ By the Way
    Red Hot Chili Peppers ­ Californication
    Red Hot Chili Peppers ­ Blood Sugar Sex Magic
    Riot ­ Army of one
    Rancid ­ Life Won’t Wait (Digipack)
    Rancid ­ Let the Dominoes Fall (DIgipack Precintado)
    Refused ­ The Shape of Punk to Come (Digipack)
    Red Sparowes ­ at the Soundless Down
    Red Sparowes ­ Every red Heart Shines toward the red sun
    Red Sparowes ­ gregor Samsa Split
    Red Sparowes ­ Oh Lord, God of vengeance show yourself
    Room with a view ­ First year Departure
    Ramones ­ Ramonesmania
    Radiohead ­ Pablo Honey
    Radiohead ­ In Rainbows (Digipack)
    Radiohead ­ Ok Computer
    Radiohead ­ The Bends
    Radiohead ­ Kid A

    Radiohead ­ My Iron lung
    Radiohead ­ Hail to the Thief


    Sadus ­ Out for Blood
    Sadus ­ Vision of Misery (con DVD) (Precintado)

    Saxon ­ Rock the Nations
    Saxon ­ Crusader
    Saxon ­ Power and the Glory
    Saxon ­ Denim and Leather
    Saxon ­ Strong arm of the law
    Saxon ­ Wheels of Steel
    Saxon ­ S/T
    Saxon ­ The Inner sanctum
    Stratovarius ­ Episode
    Stratovarius ­ Destiny
    Stratovarius ­ Visions
    Stratovarius ­ Twilight Time
    Shai Hulud ­ Misanthropy Pure
    Skid Row ­ S/T

    Skid Row ­Subhuman Race
    Skid Row ­ B Sides Ourselves
    Soilent Green ­ Confrontation
    Soilent Green ­ A Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down

    Shadows Fall ­ The War Within
    Shadows Fall ­ The Art of Balance
    Shadows Fall ­ Threads of Life
    Sensefield ­ part of the deal
    Sensefield ­ S/T
    Sensefield ­ Killed for less
    Sensefield ­ Building
    Sensefield ­ Living outside
    Sensefield ­ Tonight and forever
    System of a Down ­ S/T
    System of a Down ­ Toxicity
    The Stooges ­ S/T
    Standstill ­ Viva la Guerra
    Siouxie and the Banshees ­ Join Hands
    Steel Prophet ­ Beware (con DVD)
    16 ­ Bridges to Burn
    Soundtrack ­ The Crow
    Susperia ­ Predominance & Vindication (2 CD)
    Sonic Youth ­ Dirty
    Sunny Day Real Estate ­ Diary
    Sunny Day Real Estate ­ Live
    Sunny Day Real Estate ­ S/T
    Sunny Day Real Estate ­ How it feels to be something on
    Satyricon ­ Now Diabolical

    Swift ­ Thoughts are thought
    Swift ­ The Absolut Uncontrollable

    Sentenced ­ Shadows of the past (Digipack)
    Sentenced ­ North From Here
    Sentenced ­ Down
    Sentenced ­ Frozen
    Steve Vai ­ Sex & Religion

    Steve Vai ­ Alien Love Secrets
    Steve Vai ­ Alive in an Ultraworld (2CDs)
    Steve Vai ­ The Elusive Light and Sound Vol. 1
    Steve Vai ­ Sound Theories VOl I & II
    Steve Vai ­ Real Illusions: Reflections
    Steve Vai ­ The Ultra Zone
    Steve Vai ­ The Fire Garden
    Steve Vai ­ Flexable
    Steve Vai ­ Flex­able Leftlovers
    Stephen Schackinger ­ ElectriGuitartistry
    Soundgarden ­ Badmotorfinger
    Soundgarden ­ Down on the Upside
    Soundgarden ­ Fell on Black Days Single
    Sepultura ­ Roots
    Sepultura ­ Chaos AD
    Sepultura ­ Arise
    Sepultura ­ Beneath the Remains
    Suicidal Tendencies ­ The Art of Rebellion

    Suicidal Tendencies ­ Lights, camera, Revolution/Still Cyco (Digipack 2 CDs)

    Slayer ­ Decade of Agression (2CDs)

    Slayer ­ World Painted Blood
    Slayer ­ Christ Illusion

    Slayer ­ Divine Intervention
    Slayer ­ Diabolus in Musica
    Slayer ­ Undisputed Attitude
    Succes Will write Apocalypse Across the Sky ­ The Gran Partition

    Septic Flesh ­ Sumerian Daemons
    Suffocation ­ S/T
    Suffocation ­
    Suffocation ­ Souls to Deny

    Sylosis ­ Conclusion of an Age
    Sex Pistols ­ Cash from Chaos
    Social Distortion ­ S/T
    The Sleeping ­ Question and Answers
    Sick of it all ­ death to tyrants
    Sick of it all ­ Just Look around
    Sick of it all ­ Blood, Sweat an no tears
    Solstice ­ Halcyon (precintado)
    Solstice ­ New Dark Age (precintado)
    Solstice ­ Lamentations (precintado)
    Slipknot ­ S/T
    Slipknot ­ All hope is gone
    Slipknot ­ Vol 3
    Slipknot ­ Iowa
    Swallow the Sun ­ Ghost of Loss

    Swallow the Sun ­ The Morning never came
    Swallow the Sun ­ Plague of Butterflies
    Soilent Green ­ Sewn mouth Secrets

    Los Suaves ­ Lo mejor de ¿Hay alguien ahí?
    Stilskin ­ The Mind’s Eye
    Symphony X ­ The Odyssey
    Symphony X ­ V
    Scot Hull ­ Requiem (Digipack)
    Sickening Horror ­ the Dead end Experiment
    Severed Saviour ­ Servile Insurrection
    Sickening Horror ­ When Landscapes Bled Backwards
    Spawn ­ The Album


    Texas is the Reason ­ Do you know who you are?
    Texas is the Reason ­ S/T EP
    Theatre of Tragedy ­ Velvet Darkness they Fear
    Therion ­ Lepaca Kliffoth (Digi)
    Textures ­ Drawing Circles
    Textures ­ Polaris
    Twisted Sister ­ Stay Hungry
    Tura Satana ­
    Tura Satana ­
    36 Crazy Fists ­ A Snowed capped Romance
    Toy Dolls ­ Absurd Ditties
    Toy Dolls ­ Fat Bobs Feet
    Toy Dolls ­ Wakey Wakey
    Toy Dolls ­ Bare faced Cheek
    Tombs ­ Winter Hours
    To Die For ­ all Eternity & Epilogue (2CDs)
    Trivium ­ Ascendancy
    Trivium ­ Ember to Inferno
    Trivium ­ The Crusade
    Trivium ­ Shogun (CD+DVD)
    Tony Hernando ­ High
    Tony Macalpine ­ Premonition
    Tony Macalpine ­ freedom to Fly
    Thin Lizzy ­ Thunder and Lightning

    Thin Lizzy ­ Vagabonds of the western World

    Tankard ­ Disco Destroyer
    Testament ­ the Ritual
    Tura Satana ­ Relief through release
    Tura Satana ­ All is not well
    Today is the Day ­ Temple of the morning Star
    Time in Malta ­ Alone with the Alone
    Time in Malta ­ a Second Engine
    Thrice ­ Vheissu (digipack)
    Terror ­ The Damned, The Shamed (special edition)
    Therion ­ Gothic Kabbalah (Digipack 2 CDs)
    Tool ­ Aenima
    Terminal Function ­ Measuring the Asistance
    Tyr ­ Land
    Terrorizer ­ World Downfall
    Theory in Practice ­ Third Eye Function


    U.D.O. ­ Man and Machine
    U.D.O. ­ No Limits (Digi)
    U.D.O. ­ Solid (Digi)
    Unearthly Trance ­ The Trident

    Ulcerate ­ The Destroyers of it all
    Underoath ­ They’re only chasing safety (2CDs)
    Unearly Trance ­ Electrocution (Digipack)


    Vale of Pnath ­ S/T

    Venom ­ Welcome to Hell
    Venom ­ at war with Satan
    Voivod ­ Katorz

    Vision of Disorder S/T
    Vader ­ Sothis
    Van Halen ­ 5150
    Van Halen ­ Balance
    Van Halen ­ 1984
    Van Halen ­ 3
    Van Halen ­ OU812
    Van Halen ­ Van Halen
    Van Halen ­ Van Halen II
    Van Halen ­ Women and Children First
    Van Halen ­ Diver Down
    Van Halen ­ Fair Warning
    Van Halen ­ For Unlawful carnal knowledge


    Warlock ­ Triumph and Agony

    Weezer ­ Pinkerton
    W.A.S.P. ­ The Last Command (Digi)
    W.A.S.P. ­ The Neon God Part
    W.A.S.P. ­ S/T
    W.A.S.P. ­ The Crimson Idol (2 CDs)
    W.A.S.P. ­The Headless Children/Inside the Electric Circus (2 CDs)
    Whitesnake ­ Slide it in
    Whitesnake ­ Live in the Hert of the City
    Whitesnake ­ Ready an ́ Willing
    Whitesnake ­ Come an ́Get it
    Whitesnake ­ 1987 (Collectors edition DVD)
    Whitesnake ­ 1987
    Whitesnake ­ Starkers in Tokyo (precintado)
    Whitesnake ­ Trouble
    Whitesnake ­ Snakebite
    Whitesnake ­ The Early Years (precintado)
    Whitesnake ­ Lovehunter
    Whitesnake ­ Saints and Sinners
    Whitesnake ­ Slip of the Tonge (Collectors Edition DVD)
    Whitesnake ­ Slip of the Tonge
    Withered ­ Memento Mori
    War from a Harlots Mouth ­ Transmetropolitan
    War from a Harlots Mouth ­ In Shoals
    Warning ­ Watching from a Distance



    The Year of our Lord ­ Dead to you (2CDs)
    Youth Brigade ­ Come Again
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ S/T
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ Facing the animal
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ The Seventh Sign
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ Fire and Ice
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ Rising Force
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ Trilogy
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ Magnum Opus
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ Concerto Suite
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ Live in Leningrado
    Yngwie Malmsteen ­ Eclipse


    Zozobra ­ Bird of Prey
    ZZ Top ­ Afterburner
    Zombie ­ Cosmos
    Zombie ­ Surface to air
    Zombie ­ Spirit animal
    Zao ­ the funeral of God
    Zakk Wylde ­ Book of shadows

    DVD´s, Blue-Ray:


    Anthrax – Live Noize
    Anthrax – Through Time P.O.V.
    Anthrax – Anthrology The Videos
    Anthrax – Alive 2 (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Anthrax – Music of Mass destruction (CD+DVD)
    Anthrax – Oidivnikufesin
    American Hardcore – Documental
    Alice in Chains – Unplugged
    Anathema – a moment in time
    Anathema – A vision of a Dying Embrace

    Amon Amarth – Wrath of the Norsemen (Digipack 3 DVD)

    As I Lay Dying – This is Who We are (Digipack 3 DVD)
    Arch Enemy – Live Apocalypse (2 DVD)
    AC/DC – No Bull (Digipack)
    AC/DC – Plug me In (Digipack 2 DVD)
    AC/DC – Live at Donnington (Digipack)
    AC/DC – Family Jewels (Digipack 2 DVD)
    Amorphis – Forging the land of thousand lakes (Blu Ray)


    Bang Your Head 2005 (precintado)
    Bang Your Head 2007 (precintado)
    Black Label Society – The European Invasion (2DVD)
    Black Label Society – Boozed, Broozed & Broken-Boned


    The Clash – Revolution Rock (precintado)
    The Clash – West way to the World

    The Cardigans – Live in London
    Cradle of Filth – Heavy, Left Handed and Candid
    Corrosion of Conformity – Live Volume (precintado)
    The Cure – greatest Hits


    Dio – Holy Diver Live
    Dio – We Rock (Digipack)
    Death is just the beginning Vol. 7
    Death is just the beginning…Classics
    Deicide – When London Burns
    Decapitated – Live at the rescue Rooms
    The Dillinger Escape Plan – Miss Machine the DVD


    G.G. Allin – Hated
    G3 – Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai
    G3 – Joe Satriani, John Petrucci and Steve Vai


    Hellfest 2008 (Digipack)

    Iron Maiden – The early Days part 1 (2DVD)
    Iron Maiden – Live after Death (2DVD)
    Iron Maiden – Visions of the Beast (Digipack 2 DVD)
    Iron Maiden – Death on the Road (Digipack 3 DVD)

    Isis – Clearing the Eye


    Joe Satriani – Live in San francisco (2 DVD)
    Joe Satriani – The Satch Tapes


    Kreator – Enemy of God Revisited (Digipack CD+DVD)

    Kiss – Sypmphony (2DVD)
    Kiss – Kiss my Ass


    Monster of Death Vol.2 (2DVD)
    Monsters of Death – The Ultimate death metal compilation
    Megadeth – Rude Awakening
    Megadeth – Arsenal (2DVD)
    Mastodon – The workhorse chronicles (Digipack)
    Muse – Hullabaloo (2DVD)
    My Dying Bride – For Darkest Eyes
    Metallica – Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria (Digipack directo 2009)
    Metallica – Some Kind of Monster


    Nirvana – Live at reading (Digipack CD+DVD)
    Nuclear Blast – 20 years (Digibook 2 DVD)
    Napalm Death – Punishment in Capitals
    Nirvana – Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!
    Nine Inch Nails – Live:Beside you in time (Digipack)
    Nine Inch Nails – And all that could have been (Digipack 2DVD)


    Opeth – Lamentations
    Ozzy Osbourne – Live & Loud
    Ozzy Osbourne – Live at the Budokan


    Paul Stanley – One Live Kiss
    Pink Floyd – Live at Pompeii
    Paradise Lost – The Anatomy of Melancholy (2DVD)
    Paul Gilbert – Silence followed by a defining roar (2DVD)


    Radiohead – The Best of
    Recollection 1 – Relapse Compilation (precintado)
    Recollection 2 – Relapse Compilation
    Rotting Christ – Non Serviam (2CD+2DVD)


    Slayer – War at the Warfield
    Slayer – Live Intrusion
    Steve Vai – Live At Astoria London (2 DVDs)
    Steve Vai – Where the Wild Things are (Digipack 2DVD)
    Steve Vai – Visual Sound Theories
    Sammy Hagar – The Long road to Cabo (Digipack 2DVD)
    Stevie Ray Vaughan – Live at the el Mocambo
    Stray Cats – Rumble in Brighton


    Twisted Sister – The video Years


    Van Halen – Jump (precintado)

  • #157484


    Me interesan unos cuantos. Te voy a mandar un privado.

  • #157488

    cliff burton

    no había visto esto. interesante lo de sunny day real estate. a ver cómo llego a fin de mes y si eso te mando privado.

  • #157698


    Ozzy Osbourne ­ No rest for the Wicked
    Amorphis: Silent Waters

    Esto, Marco. Pillaría algo más, pero ahora no ando bien de pasta.

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    Ozzy Osbourne ­ No rest for the Wicked
    Amorphis: Silent Waters

    Esto, Marco. Pillaría algo más, pero ahora no ando bien de pasta.

    Le pregunto por estos dos. Creo que están libres pero no lo sé.

    Hasta navidad hay tiempo de pillar por si recuperas un poco de pasta :)

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    [quote quote="philanselmo30" post=157012]Ozzy Osbourne ­ No rest for the Wicked
    Amorphis: Silent Waters

    Esto, Marco. Pillaría algo más, pero ahora no ando bien de pasta.

    Le pregunto por estos dos. Creo que están libres pero no lo sé.

    Hasta navidad hay tiempo de pillar por si recuperas un poco de pasta :)[/quote]

    Vale, genial. Gracias, tío :)

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    Ya tengo en mi poder los cd´s :) :) Id diciéndome cómo quedamos.

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    Yo este jueves antes de ir a trabajar estaré por el centro (Sol/Callao). ¿Podrías sobre las 12:45 en callao? Si no puedes, busco otras horas o días sin problema.

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    Yo este jueves antes de ir a trabajar estaré por el centro (Sol/Callao). ¿Podrías sobre las 12:45 en callao? Si no puedes, busco otras horas o días sin problema.

    Si pudieras en San Bernardo esquina GRan Vía (a 3 minutos de callao andando), intentaría salir un momento del curro y te los doy. Lo digo porque a esa hora suelo estar liado pero salvo que tengo una «fuerza mayor», sí puedo salir un momento y acercarme ahí que me viene a 2 minutos.

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    [quote quote="philanselmo30" post=157216]Yo este jueves antes de ir a trabajar estaré por el centro (Sol/Callao). ¿Podrías sobre las 12:45 en callao? Si no puedes, busco otras horas o días sin problema.

    Si pudieras en San Bernardo esquina GRan Vía (a 3 minutos de callao andando), intentaría salir un momento del curro y te los doy. Lo digo porque a esa hora suelo estar liado pero salvo que tengo una «fuerza mayor», sí puedo salir un momento y acercarme ahí que me viene a 2 minutos.[/quote]

    Na, sin problema, tío. 12:45 en San Bernardo esquina Gran Vía :)

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